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What If You’re A Sleepwalker? | IFLAND

What if you’re a sleepwalker? А moonlit walk for huge distances and virtuosic balancing on the cornice, to the envy of acrobats from the circus Du Soleil. Do you think this does not happen in reality? Well, in part you’re right. All these are signs of sleepwalking, which you can not even guess about. Fearfully? Do not be afraid, now Harry will tell you about all the nuances of your sleepy side of life.

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The notion that fascinates people the most is the unknown. It’s also the concept that terrifies most of us. We find ourselves wondering, What would happen if we colonized Mars? What would happen if gravity disappeared? What will happen when humanity ceases to exist? We come up with more and more questions every day. But worry not. In the vast plains of YouTube, a channel finally emerged that will provide your with all the answers.

The IFLAND universe consists of most uncommon questions, puzzles, and, of course, most unexpected answers. We will reveal the truth to you, show you reliable facts, and let you look at things at the most acute angle. Harry, our host, isn’t afraid of difficulties and is ready for any surprises. So buckle up, for steep turns await us!

If you are accustomed to deep thinking, analyzing and fantasizing, then you’ve found yourself in the right place. Our adventures start now! Let’s figure out this universe!

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