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Cartoon – Child Abuse – It’s a Real Problem | AmoMama

Cartoon – Child Abuse – It’s a Real Problem | AmoMama
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Her name was May and she was 5. She didn’t know her father. And her mother was an alcoholic. She kept her daughter locked in the basement.

Her only friend was a teddy bear. It was old, ragged and dirty. But it was the best in the world for her.

She would lie of the floor of the basement and silently hug it. Until her mother locks the front door behind herself.

When she was home alone she told her teddy boy fairytales. Stories about life, in witch her parents love her.

She felt so much pain! Bruises and scratches on her body, scars on her face. She was beaten for every move and every sound she made. And she held her teddy bear tight and silently cried. “God, why is my life so hard? Why does my mother hate me”?

One night, her drunk mother went down to the basement. And started beating the poor child. She cried and wept “Mommy, please, don’t”! The outraged mother grabbed a knife. And stabbed her daughter in the heart. “You’re useless! You deserve to die”!

She went upstairs and left the girl to die. May hugged her bear and silently cried.

The woman’s cries woke their neighbors up. They called the police. When an officer entered the house, it was really silent there. He slowly opened the door to the basement. And his heart died within him.

“How could anyone treat a child so bad”? She died with her best friend n her arms. Please, share this video to raise awareness about child abuse. Unfortunately, it’s a real problem.

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