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Cartoon – Forgive me! I Will Love You Forever! | AmoMama


Cartoon – Forgive me! I Will Love You Forever! | AmoMama
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Malcolm and Lynn loved each other and hardly ever quarreled.

But that day they had a big argument. If there is anything you are not comfortable with, you are free to go!

Malcom decided to take a walk and cool down. Lynn was very hurt and angry with her husband. He must call and apologize! I won’t call. She must apologize!

I proposed to her here…

He made me so happy…

Lynn felt guilty for being so harsh. She decided to cook her husband’s favorite dish. Malcolm also realized that he was wrong, and decided to apologize. He rushed home.

He jumped out of the way and barely escaped a terrible tragedy.

Honey, I was in such a rush to see you that I was nearly hit by a car.

But Lynn didn’t answer. Are you still angry with me? I’m so sorry my dear. I was wrong. Could you, please, look at me?

Malcom had been rushing home to her and didn’t notice the car. I’m so sorry, honey, it’s my fault!

Please, forgive me. I will love you forever. Don’t let the ones you love walk away angry. make please, apologize, and don’t forget the last words you say to them may be your goodbye…

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